11:15am June 16th-August 25th 2019
St Peter's Lutheran Church
A fallen tower, a basket in a river, a small crown, burning coals...what can it all mean?
 About I Spy Salvation's Story:
Young investigators will gather clues, dig into the Bible and put all of the pieces together to unearth God's plan of salvation. With I Spy Salvation's Story, kids will discover Old and New Testament Bible stories that they will never forget.
The Case of the Broken Debris: Tower of Babel
The Case of the Floating Basket: Birth of Moses
The Case of the Scarlet Cord: Rahab Believes
The Case of the Little Coat: Hannah's Prayer
The Case of the Torn Robe: Isaiah Sees the Lord
The Case of the Missing Scroll: King Josiah
The Case of the Old Bed: Jesus Heals at Bethesda
The Case of the Oil and Bandages: The Good Samaritan
The Case of the Worn Broom: Jesus with Mary and Martha
The Case of the Dried Palms: Jesus' Triumphal Entry
The Case of the Bloody Sword: Jesus in the Garden
The Case of the Broken Bread: Road to Emmaus
The Case of the Wind and Fire: God Sends the Holy Spirit

Worship Schedule

9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship Service
11:00 a.m. Time in the Bible For Children and Adults

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